Modems supported by the Linux driver

The table below lists the modems which are known to the driver and would be serviced when plugged into the computer. The list is hardcoded in the driver source. If your modem isn't listed here, but you have any reason to believe that it is based on the Conexant AccessRunner chipset and would like to see it supported by this driver, or if your modem isn't marked as known to work, but you've managed to get it running with this driver, please report it to the mailing list, providing as much info about your modem as you can.

Note that the chipset allows the modem manufacturer to override Conexant vendor ID (0x0572) and product ID with it's own values. If such relationship to the original Conexant product is known, it's marked in "Notes" column.

Vendor ID (hex)Product ID (hex) Product name(s)Notes
0572cafe Conexant ADSL modem (Euphrates project)
0572cb00 Conexant ADSL modem (Hasbani project)
AusLinx AL-2006
Amigo HMX-CA85UR-K8
Digicom Michelangelo Usb C
Origo ASU 8000
Atlantis Pocket USB ADSL Modem (A01-AU2)
0572cb01 Conexant ADSL modem
0572cb06 Conexant ADSL modem
Atlantis I-Storm USB (A01-AU1)
Trust Speedlink 235A
Light System ADSL Module
Billion BIPAC-7000
08e30100 Olitec ADSL modem version 2
08e30102 Olitec ADSL modem version 3
0eb03457 Trust/Amigo Technology Co. AMX-CA86U
18035510 Zoom 5510
06750200 Draytek Vigor 318
0586330a ZyXEL 630-C1 aka OMNI ADSL USB (Annex A) Equivalent of 0572:cb00
0586330b ZyXEL 630-C3 aka OMNI ADSL USB (Annex B) Equivalent of 0572:cb00
06590020 Aethra Starmodem UM1020 Equivalent of 0572:cb00
100dcb01 Netopia Cayman 3341 / 3351 Equivalent of 0572:cb06
100d3342 Netopia Cayman 3342 / 3352 Equivalent of 0572:cb06
List of modems claimed by the driver (green = known to work)
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