Internet connection setup

When you get as far as having a working ADSL connection, you'll probably want to use it to connect to the Internet. The steps needed to do that depend significantly on the properties of your ISP and on the Linux distribution you are using.

The good news, however, is that the procedure doesn't care about the modem type: an ATM device exposed by the driver to the userspace is all it needs.

Here you can find a few pointers to the information on how to set up an Internet connection given the ATM device associated with your modem.

Scripts for Debian
Self-documenting network scripts for Debian courtesy of Marco d'Itri. These files are here for informational purposes only. They are maintained at Debian and should be obtained from the standard distribution points within appropriate packages.
DSL HOWTO for Linux by David Fannin and Hal Burgiss maintained at The Linux Documentation Project.
Clive Nicolson's page
Site for the owners of the Conexant AccessRunner ADSL PCI modems, but useful for USB modem owners as well.
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