Conexant AccessRunner ADSL USB modems with Linux


This site is intended to provide support for using the ADSL USB modems based on the popular Conexant AccessRunner chipset with Linux. Here you can find out which modems are supported, how to obtain and upload the firmware to the modem, what you need to add the driver to your kernel, and how to establish an Internet connection through your ISP.

Please note that this site is under construction, and many pages are incomplete. Stay tuned!


Updated firmware section to a usable state.
Added section on Internet connection setup.
First public driver release. Completed driver section.
Added (still unfinished) firmware and driver sections.
Added table of supported modems.
Several bugs have been discovered in usbatm core. Duncan Sands is doing a major overhaul of it which should result in a cleaner and safer design. Still striving to be in time for 2.6.11
Main project page replaced with the new one.
Josep Comas, being busy with other projects, kindly agreed to expand the development team and to hand on the site support to the new maintainer, yours truly Roman Kagan.


Most of the credit goes for Josep Comas, who has created this project on the, accumulated a lot of information about the AccessRunner chipset, and created and maintained the software bundle needed to use the ADSL USB modems based on this chipset.

He's been helped by a number of brave people who are also to be credited with the creation and the maintenance of this project.

During some period of inactivity Francesco Zuliani provided support and maintenance on his alternative site.

Recent progress of the project was inspired by the advent of the usbatm infrastructure added to the Linux kernel by Duncan Sands and David Woodhouse.

Last update: Tuesday, 01-Mar-2005 01:05:42 UTC by roman_kagan